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One day...

One day, when I am thin enough, I'll go outside fluttering my hands so I can fly and I will be so slight that I can pass through all of you silently like wind.


 I want to be...

I want to be the skinniest bloody thing
On the face of the earth
I want to look like I could be carried
Away by the lightest breeze
I want people to have the intense urge to
Grab me and touch me
But resist it for fear they'll break
My fragile body in their passion
I want to be on the brink of floating
Off into space
I want to look so fragile it hurts others
To look at me
I want to be the most desirable untouchable
Angel that ever existed
I want people to wish they could possess me but
Know they never will
For I am like a ghost--no one can ever get
A hold of me
I slip through their fingers
I want to be tiny
So tiny
So heartbreakingly tiny